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tropical resort gaming

tropical resort gaming is my amazing and unrivalled discord server dedicated to fixing the issues in our modern society. it is truly the best discord server you will ever see and could in no way be made better than what it is now (if you disagree, please tell me) so uh yeah please join.

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mind the gap

oh boy here we are. a whole soapbox run for and by the users of 8g.neocities.org. basically, you write about something you're passionate about on pastebin or some shit, then you send it to my tellonym, then i approve it if it isnt shit. viewer discretion advised or something

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the democratic process

the democratic process is where i host polls on contentious topics that may sctually more controversial than the political topics you'll hear about on a day-to-day basis, and yet all the polls are still apolitical

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uncategorised, yet still peculiar content

this is where i put content which i can't exactly see fitting right in one category. please enjoy what you find here

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