the rules of tropical resort gaming

#1: dark humour is alright, but no unironic bigotry
crossing lines with this rule will get you verbally warned once for the first violation, and then you will earn a warn every violation after that. also it counts as bigotry if it's less funny than it is dark

#2: no harassment, doxxing, or ip logging
by doing any of these, you could earn anything between a seven-day mute to a permanent ban depending on the severity

#3: don't start/continue unironic drama
most people typically won't care about your drama, so don't bring it to the chats. doing so will earn you anything between a warn and a mute, and maybe even a ban if continued.

#4: do not be a nonce (click to reveal)
if you are an adult and are found sexually talking to minors, you will be permanently banned from the server with no chance for appeal

#5: please don't repeatedly post unfunny shit
depending on how much unfunny shit you spam, you may be kicked, warned or muted (provided it is not actually harmful)

#6: please do not spam
spam if your mother is gay :troll: oh also if you do spam you'll get kicked/muted

#7: don't have fun
having fun will result in a perma-ban. cope

#8: mass-pinging
pinging over 4 people in one message will earn you a strike. it takes three strikes to be frozen from the chat

#9: terms of service
violating discord's tos gets you permabanned

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