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how do you submit a mind the gap?

create a pastebin, write/copy what you want to submit for your mtg, then use the google docs form linked on the start page to submit it. it's a very simple process, so please don't get it wrong.

what do you talk about?

quite a lot of topics are discussed on mind the gap. some of which require trigger warnings because they're genuinely serious so you should enable javascript in order to read those ones.

1. cowards... I don't like them.

date at which this was submitted: 26th dec 2021
author: anonymous
The people that I personally find myself despising the most, are weak willed cowards who don't stand by their convictions. The type of person who runs and whimpers at the slight sniff of a minor inconvenience. The type of person who would let their wife cuck them out. Those type of people. I mean, it's one thing if you talk about your take openly and just don't want to argue, but it's an entirely different animal if you're trying to craft yourself an internet echo chamber, trying to shelter yourself from anyone who sees things differently and merely disagrees with your take.

Anyways, if you have an opinion and post about it, you should expect people who disagree to show up and say that they disagree. Stop acting like a pissbaby towards your critics.

Also this is halfway related but shame on susan wisconsin and youtube for removing the dislike button. All you lot are doing is protecting people with fragile egos that can't handle dislikes on their own videos. You people protect the same people that I come to despise.


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